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Classy Puff Sleeve Dress, sexy dress,
Classy Puff Sleeve Dress with Lace Hazelglow D-1




Classy Puff Sleeve Dress with Lace Hazelglow D-1


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Classy Puff Sleeve Dress

A piece of dress that really like: a hot dress. It features a simple A line silhouette – but has puffed lace sleeve to make it look special. Nice for a day or night out, right?

Pick Them, Set New Trends. If you like it, own it, wear it. Sparkle on in this beautiful designer Dress with an Elegant look. Be free and pair this exciting ensemble with a pair of heels and a statement bracelet which will make you shine through the crowd.

Hazelglow is India’s first creative clothing brand – a combination of Art & Fashion. All prints and designs created by the top 5 sellable artists. All print royalty is reserved by hazelglow only.

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